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Data Capture

Do you need to convert your records to an editable, searchable format? Do you require capturing information without manual keying? If you want to convert your raw materials into electronic format then your chase for data capture services ends here.

We allow organization, companies to gather, collect and process data taken from paper documents, forms, e-documents, and online sheets into useful, accurate and retrieval information. The end output can be used for various business appliances or can be stored in database for future orientation.

Our data capture services wrap following business areas:

  • Forms capture
  • Microfilm, microfiche capture
  • Magnetic tape, photo data capture
  • Scanning and imaging
  • Data capture from vouchers, receipts, surveys and coupons
  • Data capture for competitor information
  • Paper to image conversion

Today, we capture and process millions of data, pages within short time period. With our capturing expert personnel, cutting edge technologies, we process data content at high degrees and at high level of accuracy, enabling customer to obtain immensely improved economics. We use latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/ICR/OMR technology for increasing speed, quality and accuracy of work.

There are several ways for data capture such as:

  • Optical character readers
  • Interactive capture
  • Batch keying
  • Tally charts
  • Recording through magnetic medium

Our key power is to offer customize digital data capture services, solutions to businesses want to outsource their paper crisis.

Document Management System

In this competition world, every business requires effective document management system to track and store tons of data. Does your business required to convert your paper documents into electronic format? If you need accurate document management system that help your organization to become an ideal paperless office then get in touch with us.

We provide guarantee that our document management system is compatible with day to day business utilities, equipped for litigation or meet the industry rules and regulation standard. We can ensure that your data is completely secure and confidential throughout the projects. We securely store your critical information, address compliance challenges and provide 98.9% accurate solutions that work for your business.

To improve workflow, cut your operating costs with our documents management services that include:

  • Store, retrieve, scrutiny and annotate documents
  • Created, modifying and published documents
  • Data keying from paper, handwritten data into database formats
  • Captures, organize and protect information
  • Microfilm, microfiches into digital documents
  • Engineering documents management system
  • Convert images or plan drawing into CAD
  • Document scanning/indexing and conversion
  • Authentication, traceability of documents
  • Other document management functions

We have dedicated and skilled personnel team of data entry, they are able to lift up your entire document management projects with ease, analyze the requirements perform require operations and deliver excellent output before given deadline with high quality.

OCR / ICR Services

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a powerful technique, methods that involves in converting diverse images into machine editable text, picture of character into ACII, Unicode standard format that can be simply identified by computers. Outsourcing Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) services become a profitable option available to meet most of the industry standard and large scale business requirements.

Our OCR/ICR services has been proved as the best alternative options to manual data capture and data typing in terms of time, costs, perfection and quality. We transform your paper data, documents and various images into machine editable files. Data capturing and data collection is become secure and faster through our OCR services. With our OCR system, we can ensure that you can get reliable and cost effective data management solutions for your whole business needs.

We offer following OCR services:

  • Handwritten and printed text
  • OCR for typewritten text
  • OCR for cursive text
  • OCR document conversion
  • OCR scanning
  • Checks with OCR
  • Barcode recognition
  • Research areas
  • MICR code entry

Our OCR/ICR services can be utilized in a comprehensive range of your data capture requirements that mostly include medical, insurance, survey, banking, and bill remittance forms, various directories, magazine, periodicals, books and many more.

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