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Frequently Asked Questions

1How long will it take to start my project?
This timeline depends on the type of project and the skill set you require. Also, it depends on the size of the team. Typically, it takes anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks for smaller projects and 2 to 4 weeks for larger projects (which requires 100+ team members).
2How do I get the right people for my team?
This is where our experience comes in. We thoroughly understand the Indian and Filipino job market and where the skills are available. Our seasoned and highly professional HR staff can assemble a world class team to work on your project in a very short time.
3Can I implement my own company policies?
Absolutely. We are flexible. Your team can follow your company policy, processes, compliance regulations, IT procedures, data security procedures, work floor policies and any other aspect of your operations. Your offshore team can function as an extension of your inhouse team.
4Why Pdeeps?
The management team is from the INDIA. We completely understand the requirements of all corporate companies. Our offshore management team has worked with National and international clients. So, you are assured to get a highly professional service and the reliability of a top-rated company. We also use latest process optimization technologies. Pdeeps Technologies charge very low as compares to other companies and our support team is available 24*7.
5What are the benefits to outsourcing pdeeps center services?
Outsourcing benefits include lower costs, increased efficiency, more consistent delivery, process standardization, better customer experience, flexibility, rapid scalability. Business process outsourcing helps fast-growing companies sustain growth and remain competitive.
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