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Image Processing – Digital Image Processing Services

Image processing services allow a much wide range of applications that to be applied to the input data and increase your flexibility to meet the varying market condition also it can avoid problems such as build up of din and signal distortion during processing.

Pdeeps Services is the perfect choice for your complete image processing requirements. We serve totally threat FREE digital image processing services at 40-50% cutting rates.

We have successfully accomplished compound image processing projects for various industries such as scientists, researchers, engineers and many more. We offer wide range of digital image processing services with the help of our skilled personnel, advanced technologies and innovative techniques.

Our challenging standards for online image processing services guarantee marvelous image keying, image capturing, image storage, image retrieval and searchable services.

Our image processing services:

  • Image assessment
  • Image filtering, editing and tracing
  • Image prioritization, masking
  • Image restoration, re touching and cloning
  • Image cleaning and coloring
  • Image compression and enhancement
  • Automated feature extraction and quality assessment
  • Scanning & photography
  • Scaling and cropping
  • Removing background, objects
  • Blending and texturing
  • Indexing and key wording

We offer outstanding scanning of image, and optimize it, and confirm to the acceptable international web standards. We specializing in digital image processing that design and develop special algorithms, as a result increasing accuracy and quality and enhancing the utilization of imagery for wide range of clients.

Word Conversion Services

Need an easy and quick way to convert your files into word documents with high level of accuracy. Use our fast word conversion service which is ideally suitable for you.

With our word conversion services your can convert your important file into word documents or vice versa. Our convert to word services will keep whole genuine formatting of the original file on conversion that is all images, tables, rows and columns are keeping as formatted in the source file.

We can convert following format into word documents:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Text
  • E-book
  • Images
  • Image extraction
  • Scan reports, images
  • Power point
  • Excel
  • Paper document

Our professional online word conversion staff can able to convert any type of file, documents into the format as per your requirements. We also do partial conversion of your file, batch conversion and editing images and word formatting work as per your requirements.

We can accept any input format such as email, CDS, DVDs, internet upload/download, manuscripts, tape, and diskette and in return deliver exceptional output in any of the desired media as per your suitable needs.

Claim Processing Service

Insurance claim entry is the authentic services for claiming the reimbursement provided by respective insurance carrier. If your company, business required data entry of various claim forms then outsource your requirement to Pdeeps Services.

We are committed to working as your reliable outsourcing insurance claim data entry partner to help you to achieve your businesses goal. We ensured that you can get ideal services at affordable rates. Our aim is to provide your speedy, accurate and quality insurance claim data entry services within your means.

For insurance claim data entry, we offer:

  • Disability claim forms
  • Critical illness claim forms
  • Hospitalization claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Death claim forms

At, Data Entry BPO Services we have ability, knowledge to convert your paper based insurance claim forms into an electronic format as per your requirements. We special take care of each and every stage of claim entry process so our client can get the accurate data to scrutinize, analyze the case and decide feasibility on the claim made.

We provide uniquely designed comprehensive solutions for:

  • General insurance claim entry
  • Mortgage insurance claim entry
  • Medical insurance claim entry
  • Life insurance claim entry
  • Document coding and indexing and scanning solutions

To eliminate errors, improve efficiency, customer services and document consistency use our insurance claim data entry services. With our services, you can minimize your budget costs and save your precious time, efforts and resources. Our skilled professionals ready to assist you to achieve your business goals with our secure insurance claim data entry services.

If you are looking for trustworthy outsourcing partner that is focused on providing excellent services of superior quality then outsource all your insurance claim entry needs to Pdeeps Services.

Forms Processing Service

It is necessary for businesses to augment your claims processing process constitution and reduce operating costs because claim processing involves a lot of paperwork and its time and money consuming task. It is best way to outsource your insurance claim processing needs.

 we provide claim processing services with customized platforms, process, procedure and vast resources specifically for offshore insurance claims management. We specialize in deliver accurate customized solutions for customer services process management, insurance claim application processing, examining, verification and validations of various claims as per your needs.

Our diverse claim processing system, services and solutions can be tailored to fulfill the requirements of wide-range of following businesses:

  • Insurance carters
  • Trade associations
  • Third party administrators
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Self insured funds and trusts
  • Labor unions
  • Health, medical industry
  • Other business industries areas.

We have expert team of professionals they are capable to solve your entire insurance claim processing, medical claim processing, electronic claim processing needs. We will process the insurance claims on behalf of our valuable customer enabling them to save time and money as well as ensuring proper, accurate insurance claim entry.

Check Processing Service

Processing over checks is deadly, non-productive and tedious tasks for any organization. Now a day every business industries require accurate check processing services for boost up their financial transaction process.

If your business requires electronic payment process designed to accommodate the needs of various clients and corporate payment applications without the requirement for a paper work then you are at ideal place.

Our online check processing services is fully planned to maintain your entire financial transaction procedure and increase your productivity and business flow. Just outsource all your electronic check processing requirements to us and get rid of from management and administrative responsibility.

We gain mastery in various check processing services some of them are follows:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) check processing
  • Custom check processing
  • Electronic check processing
  • Electronic check conversion
  • Check operations benchmarking
  • Development of check products
  • Market assessment of checks
  • Check verification
  • Check re-presentment
  • Bad check recovery
  • Online checks

We offer comprehensive outsourcing check processing solutions for miscellaneous organizations such as banks, real estate, telecommunications, financial institutions, property and parking managements at cost effective rates.

We have concentric team of skilled check processing professional who will work closely with your check processing requirements. We regularly communicate and reporting you about your work status that ensures you we will achieve your objectives in a cost effective way.

Advantages of using our check processing services are:

  • Save time, money and labor
  • Reduce processing and collection costs
  • Risk FREE, Accurate and secure services
  • Excellent output before deadline with high quality
  • Concentrate on your core business functions
  • No capital investment
  • Decrease fraud
  • Minimize your budget costs

By using our check processing services you can easily accept checks in the most efficient manner for your business. Our electronic check processing services are tailored to meet your needs.

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