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Online/ Remote Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry helps Companies outsource their data entry jobs with control over applications at their end. By doing this, we can type directly into the Client’s application or remote server. We have strong firewalls for all our PCs, and the latest updated anti-virus software to keep our Client’s data safe and secure. We have high bandwidth internet lines (with backup) to provide quality online typing with zero down-time.

Here are some examples of on-line / remote data entry which we provide

  • Online data entry of Cards and Documents into online databases
  • Online data entry of products from online or offline Catalogs
  • Data entry from images into online database
  • Data input for Payroll
  • Online data input of Restaurant Menus
  • Hospital Records Data typing in any type of online database
  • Online data entry and maintenance for online reservation system
  • Contact details data entry in any type of online database
  • Index entries of books, patient records, typing into online databases

How to outsource and get online data entry / typing done?

  • Communicate your data entry requirements to us through chat, email or on phone.
  • We shall analyze your requirement, and perform a free test run for you to give you an idea of our capabilities and understanding of data entry jobs or any other data entry requirements.
  • Sample approval of your data entry requirements will be done by us
  • Quote approval of your data entry requirements done by you.
  • We commence the project and go live.

So, go ahead and give us an opportunity by availing our Online Data Entry. And contact us by Online Form or

Offline data entry services

Offline data entry services is the most important factor in data entry services. It is a process of keying in data or raw materials to a particular, specific database or even a word processor.

Whether it’s online or offline data entry services, we are capable of handling all type of data entry requirements with easy. We have proficiency in handling large and complex offline data entry projectsand we can deal with entire setup professionally to meet your requirements.

Our outsourcing offline data entry services follow a scrupulous process ensuring high level of speed, accuracy, and ease of understanding. We strive to provide professional, quality offline data entry outsourcing services that exactly match standards in terms of timeliness and efficiency.

Our offline data entry services include:

  • Offline data collection
  • Valuable URL list collection
  • Offline data capture
  • Offline form filling and processing
  • Offline data entry for e-books, business cards, catalogs
  • Offline data entry from various sources like mailing lists, labels and image files
  • Offline sorting and indexing data entry in any format
  • Offline data entry for surveys, insurance claim entry
  • Data entry into database program
  • Offline entry of data from one format to another version/format
  • PDF To Excel data entry
  • scanned image to excel data entry
  • alpha numeric (indexing) data entry

Data Mining Services: Web Research Services

Data mining Services and web research services is influential new services with great potential to help organization focus on most important information. Now day many business industries used data mining services to transform data into useful information.

Does your organization have large number of raw information, unstructured data and waiting to convert your redundant data into usable information? Then your pursuit for ideal services partner ends here. Pdeeps provides a professional data mining services which can help your businesses to acquire momentous customer astuteness as well as improving the bottom line. To complete your information management requirements, you need to access plenty of data. Our web data mining, text mining, marketing data mining, research data mining and business data mining is the ideal services to fulfill these needs.

Our data mining services analyze the various sources of customer information, collect and construe important data which significantly improve ROI and lucidity to your decision making process. Our web data mining technology bestow whole consciousness of changing customer preferences and data sources that always help to you in planning ahead and envisage future business trends.

Data entry India is very popular in providing the data entry services for their customers. There is large scale of Bpo service providers running their business in India. The employees working in these offices are also very competent and trained. Data entry services in India is very popular all around the world because of having the access of data mining experts and the data extraction experts.

 our data mining services includes

  • Web data mining
  • Creating data extraction scripts
  • Data extraction from web sites
  • web research
  • Data extraction
  • Meta data extraction
  • Data cleansing
  • Data scanning
  • Data interpretation
  • Data capture
  • Competitor analysis
  • Database queries
  • Creating repositories
  • News paper, forums, books, blogs and other resources for information research
  • Market, product and survey research
  • Data verification & validation
  • Manually data mining
  • Cart data mining
  • web scrapping
  • data collection from websites

With our tremendous expertise in data mining, web data mining, text mining, you can prepare victorious marketing strategies that are assurance to build up your market presence also you can increase your customer satisfaction echelons. All these can be gain at lowest possible rates.

Medical Billing 

As medical and healthcare industries grow tremendously in last few years ultimately it increase the demand of medical billing services. If your business require for processing super bills, submitting claims to insurance companies and other medical billing and coding services then Pdeeps Services are at your services.

Our outsourcing electronic medical billing services assist you to maximize your revenue, improve your cash flow, productivity, effectiveness at the same time it reduce your budget up to 40-50%. We are equipped to deliver you with everything that your business needs to ensure that you are on the move.

We specialize in following online medical billing services:

  • Medical billing
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical claim processing
  • Medical data entry
  • Medical billing data entry
  • Persistent follow-up on all claims
  • Creation and mailing of patient statements

Custom satisfaction is our ultimate aim and we perform our best to customize our medical billing services to fit your practice’s exact needs. Outsource your medical billing projects requirements to us and while you enjoy time, cost advantages and get ideal solutions for your entire medical billing needs.

Excel Data Entry Services

Excel is a popular tool for entering manipulating data. Excel data entry is a useful service for sorting, organizing and charting all type of data.

If your businesses require operating, controlling and managing your important data in excel sheet then Pdeeps Services is the ideal option for your entire excel data entry needs.

We are comprehensive data entry service  provider in India offer one stop solutions for all your Microsoft excel data entry needs at 40-50% cutting rates. We serve quickly excel entry services for our valuable national and international clients. We ensure that our services are accurate and efficient for any business in need of long term and instant assistance of data entry services.

Our excel data entry services include:

  • Manual keying of text, numeric, figure, chart or mixed document
  • Data entry from books, dictionaries, journals and magazine into excel
  • Data extraction from web pages into excel spreadsheets
  • Huge volume of data entry from excel spreadsheets
  • Name, address, location details into MS excel
  • Data entry into excel from paper questionnaires
  • Data entry of patterned data into excel

Whether it is handwritten document or printed documents, we serve highly quality and accurate rapid services to manually entry your data into specified excel format. Our excel data entry services allow your businesses to save your precise time, money, efforts and various resources at the same time it gives measurable competitive advantages. Our customer centric approach always flexible and friendly assures a long term association with our customer.

We also convert your documents, files and data into digital, editable text into specific Ms excel format. We translate your handwritten documents into specified format as per your choice by using our hottest OCR techniques.

Insurance Claim Data Entry

Insurance claim entry is the authentic services for claiming the reimbursement provided by respective insurance carrier. If your company, business required data entry of various claim forms then outsource your requirement to Pdeeps Services.

We are committed to working as your reliable outsourcing insurance claim data entry partner to help you to achieve your businesses goal. We ensured that you can get ideal services at affordable rates. Our aim is to provide your speedy, accurate and quality insurance claim data entry services within your means.

For insurance claim data entry, we offer:

  • Disability claim forms
  • Critical illness claim forms
  • Hospitalization claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Death claim forms
  • Accidental Claim Forms
  • General insurance claim entry
  • Mortgage insurance claim entry
  • Medical insurance claim entry
  • Life insurance claim entry

At, Pdeeps Services we have ability, knowledge to convert your paper based insurance claim forms into an electronic format as per your requirements. We special take care of each and every stage of claim entry process so our client can get the accurate data to scrutinize, analyze the case and decide feasibility on the claim made.

To eliminate errors, improve efficiency, customer services and document consistency use our insurance claim data entry services. With our services, you can minimize your budget costs and save your precious time, efforts and resources. Our skilled professionals ready to assist you to achieve your business goals with our secure insurance claim data entry services.

If you are looking for trustworthy outsourcing partner that is focused on providing excellent services of superior quality then outsource all your insurance claim entry needs to Pdeeps Services.

Handwritten Data Entry Services

Now days most of the organizations are moving hurriedly towards paperless business to speed up the process, increase productivity, effectiveness and keeping with the changing demands of customer. All businesses faced with the tons of data for processing every day. Converting handwritten data into electronic formats is become tedious and non productive task for them.

We take care of all types of handwritten documents

  • Handwritten memos, paper clips, work orders
  • Data entry of questionnaires, vouchers
  • Data entry of claim forms, index cards, letters
  • Data entry of legal, financial documents
  • Data entry of accounts sheets
  • Data entry of research statistics
  • Data entry for medical reports
  • Data entry of handwritten resume/CV’s, archives
  • Other handwritten documents

Our expert data entry team has ability to handle complex handwritten data entry projects and process large volume data in short turn around.

We accept all kinds of handwritten documents in any format and deliver excellent output as per your specified electronic format. Generally the documents are scanned from paper and made available in various format such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, HTML, XML, BMP. We are closely monitor and double checked for quality and accuracy of your data entry work.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our handwritten data entry services. Outsource all your handwritten data entry work to us and save almost 40-50% on your costs.

Image/PDF/ Ms Access Data Entry Service

Today, image entry is being rapidly used by many organizations. Image data entry is the term used to convert scanned images into particular format. If your businesses searching for cost effective and accurate image entry services then you come at perfect place.

Pdeeps is a largest data entry company in India provides image data entry services at affordable rates. Choose us as your reliable image entry partner and experience the hassle free outsourcing services.

 We provide your businesses with our:

  • capturing & editing
  • storage & retrieval
  • keying
  • cropping services

We have high speed scanners, software’s, state of art technology to ensure that our images quality is better than best. We scan image in any format such as JPEG, RTF, TIIF, GIF and PDF. The digitized images are sent to the clients through FTP server, CDs, DVDs or as per required format.

We are capable to lift up image data entry projects of any size and complexity. Our highly experience professional team of data entry has ability to complete your image entry, image processing projects within given timeframe with superior quality.

Our wide ranging image data entry services :

  • Data entry of scanned images
  • entry into databases & spreadsheets
  • Handwritten entry
  • Visiting card entry
  • Book entry
  • Catalog entry
  • Legal, financial document entry

We ensured result oriented, economical services of your entire needs. We derive optimal solutions and deliver excellent output before deadline.

If you want optimize your cost, concentrate on your core business activities and need secure, accurate, quality and fast image entry services then immediately outsource your requirements to us. We will revert back within one business day with effective solutions.

Survey Data Entry Service

In this information age, businesses are constantly swamped with large volume of data coming from different platforms. The challenge for businesses is to make sense of this data and manage, control and use these data effectively. This is especially in the survey. It is very crucial for business to make effective use of its knowledge base.

Reliable way to handling such a huge volume of data is the outsourcing tedious task to an expert survey data entry partner.

Following are benefits of our survey data entry services:

  • Concentrate on your core functional areas
  • Improved decision making capability
  • Improved operational excellence
  • Increase efficiency, productivity
  • Access to advanced project management
  • Access to state of art technology, procedures and resources
  • Access to large skilled labor pool
  • Assurance of high quality and accuracy
  • High projects visibility
  • Quickest turnaround time
  • 98% error FREE data entry for surveys

We are expert in organizing, conducting, generating and formatting reports for various industry needs and thus ensure focused advantages in surveys. Our professional data entry operators lift up small or long term projects and deliver guaranteed accurate output at lowest possible rates.

If you are searching for affordable and reliable outsourcing partner for your survey data entry projects then we are at your services.

Looking to hire a Data Entry Expert?

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Here are some of the top data entry services offered by Pdeeps:

  • Experienced Employees
  • ISO Certified
  • Periodic Trainings
  • Available Free trials

By hiring a data entry outsourcing firm in India, you’ll save a lot of time and money.


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